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Should I Hire A Growth Hacker For My Startup?

The tectonic plates in mobile and web application development are shifting faster than ever these days.  Development used to be a about smart idea turned into project timeline with quality gates, and an eventual due date for the project being finished or turned on.  That just isn’t the case any longer.  Ok, maybe in old… Read more »

Old School vs. New School Investors

The dynamics of the investment community are continuing to change and we can all expect to see more change in 2011.  It seems like just a few years ago the image of VC’s that everyone had in their mind was a bunch of old guys in sports jackets or sweater vests at the Palm, but… Read more »

Why Do Washington Area Startup Incubators Keep Falling Short?

A few weeks back I interviewed Mike Sublesky, the co-founder of Baltimore Startup City which is an incubator concept.  Read that interview here.   He talked about how he and co-founder Monica Beeman were going to launch a YCombinator or TechStars like startup incubator in Baltimore this summer and that things were going really well. … Read more »

An Interview of Mike Subelsky, Co-Founder of Baltimore’s Brand New Startup City Accelerator

Earlier today I had a chance to catch up with Mike Subelsky, the co-founder of Baltimore, MD’s brand new startup accelerator: Startup City.  Startup City was co-founded by Mike Subelsky and Monica Beeman and is a 12 month program focused on company creation that will require startup founders to hand over 5-10% equity in their… Read more »