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Real Innovation Takes Time

Combinatorial Innovation There are so many new technologies today: tablets, geolocation, video chat, great app frameworks. It is easy to cherry-pick off “combinatorial” innovations that seem compelling, and can maybe even be monetized readily. But all those innovations are inevitable. If our technologies afford a certain possibility, they will occur. “That’s not a company, that’s… Read more »

Will 2011 Be The Year of IPO’s or The Year of Investigations?

The last three years have brought a world of change to online application development, and with the change and increasingly web savvy political and regulatory actors in the nation’s capitol, there is more focused attention on the consumer Internet industry than ever before.  In years past the focus of government was on issues like exploitation… Read more »

Mining Twitter’s Treasures

With revolutions springing up across the Middle East, young activists are increasingly turning to Twitter to voice their opinions and rally support. But searching Twitter only calls up tweets from the past week. Valuable pieces of history are being lost in the digital ether. But not for long, if Ted Stein has anything to do… Read more »

Two Reasons Why LinkedIn Is Losing The War

Today I sent a linkedin message through someone I know.  They passed the message on, but promply followed up by spamming me with an invitation to spend $125 on a how to do linkedin like me message.  I’m sorry, but I’ve been on LinkedIn since the beginning and on top of that I’m not interested… Read more »

Twitter Announces New Search Architecture

Today Twitter announced the introduction of a new search architecture that replaces what the company acquired a while back from Northern Virginia based  The comany says that they decided to use Apache open source product Lucence, a search engine library based on Java.  The folks at Twitter indicated that a big reason for their… Read more »

Twitter Rolls Out Ad New A+ SaaS Model: Ad Subscriptions As A Service

Today Twitter announced the introduction of what we’re calling A+ SaaS, partly in jest.  The new model offers consumers the opportunity to subscribe to paid advertisers’ feeds.  Twitter calls the new service Promoted Tweets.  Check out the example here: Twitter suggests that this adds value for users, but in my opinion they are just turning… Read more »

Twitter Real Time Analytics Coming Soon

According to the webtrends blog, Twitter‘s Ross Hoffman let attendees of the Sports Marketing 2.0 Summit earlier this week know that Twitter is going to be releasing a real time analytics feature set before the end of the year. The analytics platform is expected to be based on the Trendly analytics dashboard that was acquired… Read more »