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Why You Need A Co-Founder

By Ian Thiel Economics defines comparative advantage thusly: In economics, the law of comparative advantage says that two countries (or other kinds of parties, such as individuals or firms) can both gain from trade if, in the absence of trade, they have different relative costs for producing the same goods. Even if one country is… Read more »

Launchbox Digital Alumni & Co-Founders of JamLegend Call It Quits

A few years ago I had the pleasure of meeting and spending time with the guys who founded JamLegend with the help of Launchbox Digital.  They originally moved to DC after attending Claremont McKenna College together to work on Fantasy Congress which they sold to Politico.  After their exit from Fantasy Congress, they built JamLegend… Read more »

A Different Kind of Bubble

People in the media really want there to be a startup bubble.  People in the startup community are looking out for a bubble.  So I thought about this and decided to put some thought into what to make of this media bubble patrol.  Here it what I came up with. As far as all my… Read more »

DC Based YouEye Represents At Soft Launch On The Pacific Coast

YouEye, a startup that presented at a recent SocialMatchbox garage series event, represented the Washington area startup community well at today’s West Coach launch event.  Check out the event video here.  For such a big time event I was a bit surprised at the softball nature of the questions asked by the panel.  The Microsoft… Read more »