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How Hard Core Are You As A Startup Founder?

Last night, while having dinner with the panelists for tomorrow night’s VIP Social Matchbox event, one of the founders who was there asked the rest of us whether we were going to go back to hacking after the dinner.  This was around 8:30pm.  The question stood out because not everyone replied, I plan to.  This… Read more »

13 Startups Spoke At The First Social Matchbox Garage Series Event

Yesterday we kicked of the brand new Social Matchbox Startup Garage Series at TeqCorner in Tyson’s Corner, the birthplace of the popular Social Matchbox Startup Launch Series event which has helped launch many of the Washington area’s hugely successful startup companies including OPower (Positive Energy then), Living Social (Hungry Machine then), *ClearSpring, (Freewebs then),… Read more »

The Case For A Lean Agile Social Circle

You may recall recent posts on here about successful founders and the company they keep, and about the types of people who are more prone to succeed than others.  In an unrelated post a few days back, Lean Agile Startup evangelist Eric Ries wrote a post titled “Stop lying on stage” in which he said… Read more »