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The History Of Social Media Hiring

In 2012, we’ve reached a point where social media titles are on the rise, but each job description is written to coincide with a similar position inside the company. Pure social roles, like Twitter specialist, are just a upgrade from customer service representative. Facebook managers are forum community managers. Content creators are copywriters. While there are the occasional social technology roles in mobile or applications, those are not the norm. The norm, is that everyone is expected to know how social media impacts their division.

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The Washington Business Journal’s startup and technology reporter, Bill Flook, just wrote a piece titled ‘For better or for worse, Washington sits out the tech “Bubble”‘.  He is right about Washington, DC sitting out.  DC VC’s have made such a small number of investments in local software and web companies that one has to wonder… Read more »

Q&A Online For Everyone

Replyz co-founder Matt Koll knows search and also knows his way around building a web company.  Tonight he and Baltimore tech wizards Dave Troy and Greg Gershman launched their new product to the public for the first time.  You may recall that Matt’s last company, Wondir, was acquired by Revolution Health.  Now they are going… Read more »