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Recruiting vs. Brand Shopping

Today I had the opportunity to be reminded that many startup founders seek to recruit people who are top talent as if they were shopping for top brands.  Many young founders are guilty not recognizing the they recruit like they are shopping at the Mall (e.g. recruiting vs. brand shopping) and they pay the price for… Read more »

You Should Only Hire A Players And Other Recruiting Myths

This article originally appeared via staffmagnet, LLC’s blog here.  staffmagnet, LLC provides recruiting services for software startup companies. defines a myth as “an idea or story that is believed by many people but that is not true.” Unfortunately, the A Player is a myth. A lot of hiring teams believe that they should only… Read more »

Your Team’s Quest For The Best May Be Killing Your Efforts To Recruit The Best Programmers

This is a post about how not to recruit the best programmers.  I advise and help a lot of software engineering teams and software executive teams to recruit the best programmers and other team members.  Not a week goes by that I’m not involved in this aspect of startup and software company operations.  I’m writing… Read more »

What is the best tool for recruiting top programmers?

I just read a question posted on one of those Q&A sites.  Someone asked what the best recruiting tool was and everyone replied that LinkedIn was it.  A few mentioned Facebook.  The founder of a recruiting tool startup said LinkedIn, that made me smile.  I can’t believe it.  If you are planning on building the… Read more »

Read This If You Are Hiring Right Now

There is a point in the market cycle for nearly every industry when the number of people with jobs to fill out paces the number of people looking for jobs.  For web and software companies building web based products, that time is right now.  If this is you then you should take a moment to… Read more »

What Is In A Job Title?

When the market starts to heat up and people start hiring like crazy the titles that people are given to keep them in a job or to entice them to take a job start to morph in interesting ways.  People often neglect the basis for a title and end up creating titles that wind up… Read more »