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What Every Developer Wants: A Cheap, Rootable, Smart Phone with GPS and WiFi

If you are not a developer then this post may not be for you.  If you are, then keep reading.  Right now, the one thing that every developer wants the one thing that traditional cellular providers are not willing to provide.  After doing some research and talking to reps from AT&T, Verizon, and others, the… Read more »

DC ACM Announces iPhone and Android Developer Courses

By Isaac Christopherson The Washington DC Chapter of the ACM (DC ACM) is pleased to announce its Fall 2010 Professional Development Seminar on November 20-21, 2010. Since 1968, DC ACM has been offering these Professional Development Seminars that provide high-quality lectures and hands-on learning on topics of current interest to the local IT community for… Read more »

Cardagin Networks Presents Customer Loyalty 2.0

Cardagin Networks is a mobile advertising solution that offers local businesses a unique and effective way to cost-effectively and more intelligently improve advertising.  Cardagin digitizes customer loyalty rewards programs.  In the process, Cardagin claims that they can reduce customer loyalty program cost, fraud, and waste associated with plastic and paper cards, fliers, and coupons.  They use the… Read more »

Mobile Intelligence Platform by MicroStrategy

Business intelligence product provider MicroStrategy has just announced a new Mobile Intelligence Platform.  The new application platform is still in beta and will only be available for the iPhone for now.  MicroStrategy’s mobile app platform includes the infrastructure needed to support each new iPhone App, so application developers only need to focus on creating the… Read more »