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Building The Ultimate Startup Company Dashboard

Talk to most startup founders and you can easily begin to think they are a bit crazy or (more likely) OCD.  Talk to enough successful startup founders and you can quickly spot a few important traits that they all have.  There is usually a big difference.  One attribute that typically helps me to differentiate between… Read more »

Startup Hours

Washington area engineers are generally no different from those in other places, but if you put many them next to the people who left their hometowns to be in Silicon Valley like Max Levchin I bet you would find a subtle difference: intense determination and tenacity.  There is something to be said about people with… Read more »

4 Things I Learned Today

I’m not exactly the guy you would expect to step in line behind something.  A good example of that is the Lean Agile community.  A better example is Social Media.  Don’t get me wrong, but I’m more the kind of guy who sees a crowd running in a direction and I try to run in… Read more »

The Case For A Lean Agile Social Circle

You may recall recent posts on here about successful founders and the company they keep, and about the types of people who are more prone to succeed than others.  In an unrelated post a few days back, Lean Agile Startup evangelist Eric Ries wrote a post titled “Stop lying on stage” in which he said… Read more »

Entrepreneurial Engineers, Hackers, and MBA’s

If you have ever attended a Social Matchbox event over the three year history of the event you have heard us talk about what differentiates our community from that of the social media and suit and tie business as usual crowd.  Its all about the entrepreneurial engineers.  In following the buzz following ‘The Social Network’… Read more »