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Real Innovation Takes Time

Combinatorial Innovation There are so many new technologies today: tablets, geolocation, video chat, great app frameworks. It is easy to cherry-pick off “combinatorial” innovations that seem compelling, and can maybe even be monetized readily. But all those innovations are inevitable. If our technologies afford a certain possibility, they will occur. “That’s not a company, that’s… Read more »

Recommended Reading: ‘Once the hobby of tech geeks, iPhone jailbreaking now a lucrative industry’

The Washington Post’s Ian Shapira posted this up a few days back.  If you are following the latest mobile app trends it is worth reading.  The story, titled ‘Once the hobby of tech geeks, iPhone jailbreaking now a lucrative industry’, references a George Mason University student (a senior) who claims to be making $50k/year jailbreaking… Read more »

Mobile App Company Sponto Raises $200k from Amplifier Ventures

Washington, DC based Sponto, a mobile party discovery app for college students that has been targeting University of Maryland College Park students has just announced the conclusion of a $200,000 initial funding round from McLean, VA based Amplifier Ventures.  The funding will be used to complete the first commercial release of the Sponto event-sharing platform,… Read more »

Ideas for The Upcoming Baltimore Hackathon

This weekend I picked up the latest copy of the Make zine after giving some thought to the upcoming Baltimore Hackathon.   By the way, this month’s volume (#24) is by far the best ever because it is all about DIY Space projects. One idea that could be interesting is coming up with a way to… Read more »

T-Mobile G2 – Hot or Not? The Surprise: It Will Override Your Preferred Software

Yesterday, the Android based G2 smart phone went on sell in select T-Mobile stores.  AT&T plans to begin selling it soon. The phone has a lot of really advanced features.  The phone has an 800MHZ Snapdragon processor, 4GB memory, a microSD slot, ships with an 8GB card, has a flip out landscape-oriented QWERTY keyboard, has… Read more »