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Real Innovation Takes Time

Combinatorial Innovation There are so many new technologies today: tablets, geolocation, video chat, great app frameworks. It is easy to cherry-pick off “combinatorial” innovations that seem compelling, and can maybe even be monetized readily. But all those innovations are inevitable. If our technologies afford a certain possibility, they will occur. “That’s not a company, that’s… Read more »

Changes in Lattitude, Changes in Attitude

Over the last two weeks we have been to startup and emerging tech events in Florida.  Next week we are headed to Atlanta.  On top of all of this we are in the process of talking to startup founders who have been nominated to present at the Social Matchbox coming up on April 29th.  So… Read more »

My iPad Is Better Than Your iPad

We just heard from Social Matchbox alumni Jon Mervis. He wants to help you one up your friends with iPads by hooking you up with an iPad hand set in 11.43 carats of diamonds.  Price: $19,999.  Get yours today. There is also the $2.5 Million Dollar Diamond iPhone in case you would like a companion…. Read more »

Here comes the iPad, Get Ready

When the iPhone launched people camped out, contests with the iPhone as a prize were announced, and companies formed as a direct result of the new iPhone application developer platform. The buzz surrounding iPhone development has simmered down a bit since then, but that is about to change. The sheer numbers of people talking about… Read more »