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Revolution Growth Raises $450 Million To Fund East Coast Startups

Steve Case, Ted Leonsis and Donn Davis have just announced investor commitments totaling $450 million in the new Revolution Growth fund.  The team plans to use the money primarily to invest in East Coast companies with innovative and disruptive business models that come packed with potential for explosive growth.  Given that Leonsis and Case invested… Read more »

ePals Raises $23 Million

According to a report from Tech Journal South, ePals, Inc., a startup company based in Herndon, VA, has raised $23 Million  $47.2 Million in new funding. They (Tech Journal South) pointed to this SEC Filing. The company has received investments from Steve and Jean Case, Mitchell Kapor, National Geographic Ventures, Microsoft, Ted Leonsis, Yossi Vardi… Read more »

The Straight Shooter: Meet Grotech’s Bobby Ocampo

Authenticity isn’t a quality usually associated with venture capitalists. But Bobby Ocampo, an associate at DC-based Grotech Ventures, was pretty straightforward from the moment I asked my first question. “I’ll just start talking, and let me know when you start to fall asleep,” he joked, launching into an explanation of his background. Ocampo was raised… Read more »

*Clearspring Raises $20 Million In Series D Round

This morning Northern Virginia based startup *Clearspring, McLean, VA, announced their Series D raise of $20 million in new funding.  The round was spearheaded by Institutional Venture Partners (IVP), but also involved existing investors.  IPV is a later-stage venture capital and growth equity firm that has also kicked in funds to companies like Twitter and… Read more »

A Different Kind of Bubble

People in the media really want there to be a startup bubble.  People in the startup community are looking out for a bubble.  So I thought about this and decided to put some thought into what to make of this media bubble patrol.  Here it what I came up with. As far as all my… Read more »

The Difference Between Product Startup Founder and Entrepreneur Is Not Just Marginal

If you know me then you know that I’m a startup guy through and through.  I launched my first online* startup around 1990 back before I knew that HTML existed.  My second software startup was ten years later in 2000, followed by my third software startup which technically started in 2010.  During the years between… Read more »

8.47% of investors I spoke to, funded AppMakr

By Daniel Odio I just ran an analysis with the help of Brendan Baker, an Oxford MBA candidate, that shows that 8.47% of the potential investors I had discussions with ended up funding AppMakr’s $1MM convertible note. Here is a blurred-out list of everyone I spoke to – and by “spoke to” I mean I… Read more »