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Will 2011 Be The Year of IPO’s or The Year of Investigations?

The last three years have brought a world of change to online application development, and with the change and increasingly web savvy political and regulatory actors in the nation’s capitol, there is more focused attention on the consumer Internet industry than ever before.  In years past the focus of government was on issues like exploitation… Read more »

Starting with a Bang

Pet rocks of the past were pretty dull—decorated with paint and plastic eyes, if you were lucky. But thanks to Baltimore startup Pure Bang Games, you can now have a pet rock with everything from a moustache to an eyepatch to an “I love Mom” tattoo. Launched in June, Pure Bang Games has attracted almost… Read more »

Facebook Startup Days

The first step in winning the future is encouraging American innovation. If you had to sum up Barack Obama’s recent State of the Union address in one sentence, that would be it. A mere week after proclaiming entrepreneurship as a priority, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Facebook is making headlines with Startup Days. As… Read more »

Is Facebook Targeting 2012 IPO

According to the Wall Street Journal, Facebook could be targeting a 2012 IPO. “Facebook, of Palo Alto, Calif., said it plans to increase its number of shareholders above 500 this year, according to the private-placement document, forcing the social-networking company to begin disclosing reams of financial information or go public by April 2012.” Related: The… Read more »

LOLapps Pushed Off 14 Million User Cliff By Facebook

These are the days that try Internet entrepreneurs and traditional media organizations. Take for example, the guys at LOLapps. Before Friday, LOLapps was trending upward toward 15 million users.  On Friday, they were pushed off a 14 million user cliff by the folks at Facebook for what appears to be violations of the Facebook Terms… Read more »