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AOL Fishbowl Labs Seeks Startups In Dulles, VA Potential for More

AOL has just announced plans to incubate companies who have already raised $25k+, have full time founders, and 50% engineers on their team, but not a Series A.  There is an application form here.  Interestingly, the application form (a google doc) does not list any benefits for being in the space…just requirements (see below).   The… Read more »

$334+ Million In Recent Washington Area Startup Deals

The Washington area startup deal flow is really hot right.  More than $334 million in funding deals and exits have happened recently, and that is just the stuff we have heard about.  This should serve as motivation for all of the startup founders out there. Optoro Raises $1.85 Million Series A – more. SnagFlims Raises… Read more »

Social Matchbox Roundup

Editor’s Notes: Over the last few weeks I have run into several people have asked me if there is a blog that covers the Washington area startup community.  I was a bit surprised that they did not think of *this* blog as covering it.  I guess they are expecting daily coverage or interviews or someone with… Read more »

AOL Placing A Big Bet On Email, Acquires from Social Matchbox Alum

Chapel Hill, NC based founder Eli Holder has just announce that the company was acquired by AOL’s Palo Alto, CA based Project Phoenix group.  unblab is the second Social Matchbox Startup Launch Series alumni to be acquired in recent months. You may recall that unblab’s focus was on applying artificial intelligence and machine learning… Read more »