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Platform Services vs. Platforms

There is a lot to be said about how successful Facebook has become by building an expansive platform.  But social networks are like winner take all opportunities in today’s economy so starting the next Facebook isn’t the best play for most founders.  There is good news.  Mark Zuckerberg started with smaller, simpler, easier to build… Read more »

An Innovation Wrong Turn?

After attending a demo day event held by a local student incubator that I would compare to a business plan pitch competition mashed up with a science fair project presentation event, I have been thinking a lot about the growing innovation economy discussions.  Policymakers seem to be putting a very large amount of emphasis on… Read more »

Startup Burn Rates: A Game of High Stakes Poker

Yesterday, over on Quibb, I commented on an article about the alarm sounded by Bill Gurley in a recent Wall Street Journal article, then echoed by Fred Wilson and Marc Andreessen. They warn how the increase in startup burn rates could lead to spectacular flameouts. I’ve decided to join the conversation and share my view… Read more »

Learning To Code vs. STEM Education: A Tale of Two Worlds

This article is my attempt to share a few thoughts related to an important educational fault line that I think needs some clarification.  I have titled the post ‘Learning To Code vs. STEM Education: A Tale of Two Worlds’ because it seems like people are generalizing programming into math and science education when there needs… Read more »

Zappos sells product with video, should you?

Whether you are an eCommerce store operator, an entrepreneur seeking crowd funding, or a startup founder selling a SaaS product attracting and converting visitors to your site into paying customers can be a big challenge. Today I found this video of a Video Project Manager from Zappos talking about how Zappos sells products using video…. Read more »