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The DC Growing Code for Social Good Crowd

DC’s Growing Code for Social Good Crowd The DC Growing Code for Social Good Crowd is something to pay attention to.  I find myself running into more and more people who are a part it.  Yesterday I finally made it out to the the Learn Ruby in DC! Meetup’s Weekend Hack Session hosted by Maggie… Read more »

DC Startup Founders, You Are Not Alone

DC Startup Founders may not be able to get funding at levels, as early, or as often as they would like to but now it is easier than ever for them to get on the radar of massive government contractors who want their help.  Today Booz Allen Hamilton, home to more startup founders than you… Read more »

Makers In The Middle

People around the edges of smart devices, wearable computing, and 3D printing have some things in common that they do not fully realize.  Over the last few weeks I have been to an Internet of Things meetup, SXSWi, and had a few really good conversations about early product prototyping involving software and things. The way… Read more »

Evolution of A Talent Ecosystem in DC

I have spent a great amount of time examining talent ecosystems around the US, but especially here in Washington, DC.  Today I learned that the DC Government is trying to encourage kids to plan their career around the Microsoft Technology stack and to encourage teachers to become evangelists along the way. Here is a copy… Read more »

The 2014 App Bubble

From 2007-2008 journalists keep trying to be the one to spot the “bubble” in software startups.  The only thing is that it just did not happen.  The difference was that the Facebook open developer platform and the apple store, followed by the android app store, created such a newness that people kept consuming more and… Read more »