thus you are now considered a GAP 50 finalist

A few days back I received an email from the CIT Gap Fund folks that reads as follows:

Subject: ACTION Needed: CIT’s GAP 50

CIT is celebrating Virginia’s most promising entrepreneurs through CIT GAP Funds’ “GAP 50” Award Program  (  A state-wide awards program, the “GAP 50” will honor both the emerging and repeat entrepreneurs who will develop the next generation of high-growth companies in the Commonwealth.

At least three of your peers have nominated you for this award, thus you are now considered a GAP 50 finalist.  The definitive “GAP 50” will be selected by peer vote among qualifying finalists in mid-September.”

I would like to thank the 3+ people who took the time to nominate me for this.  I have been flying under the radar from an event perspective so the number of things like this that I hear about is a bit less than usual.

It looks like at the very least I will be lunching with some other very awesome entrepreneurs from Northern Virginia in October thanks to you.

A few years ago I would not have thought of myself as a Northern Virginia entrepreneur outside of the having held a few events there, but 2011 and 2012 have shaped up to be big

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