AOL Fishbowl Labs Seeks Startups In Dulles, VA Potential for More

AOL has just announced plans to incubate companies who have already raised $25k+, have full time founders, and 50% engineers on their team, but not a Series A.  There is an application form here.  Interestingly, the application form (a google doc) does not list any benefits for being in the space…just requirements (see below).   The company has a similar program in Palo Alto, CA.

– Teams of approximately 2-6 people with at least half being local developers
– Management team and majority of employees working full-time on the startup
– Startup has not yet raised Series A but has at least 25K in funding

Commitment: – No rent, no equity… no strings attached
– Just work on campus at least 4 days a week for 6 months
– Respect AOL facilities, security, and confidentiality
– Be considerate of other startups in the space and help them out
– Participate in occasional meetups and events on campus

Selection Criteria:
-Working in the consumer Internet or mobile space (see more specific areas below)
– Strong team (talent, drive, product sense, background, etc.)
– Good idea (market size, use cases, competitive advantage, etc.)
– Progress you’ve made”

If someone has photos of the space or more info let us know.

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