When Industries Collide

There was a time in my life when things were changing really fast in the technology space.  Things like Photo and Laser Tag were popping up at the same time as next generation gaming consoles like the Atari 600, 800, 9600 and 1040 ST were popping out alongside of the Commodore 64 and other various contraptions like the Video Phone.  Today I’ve got an iPhone with Face Time so that I can do video chat with a phone that fits in my pocket instead of a phone with a cord and a camera.  Things were changing really fast back in the 80’s and it seems that things are changing really fast again.

Case in point: there is a major shuffle going on in the hardware space right now.  Google, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft are battling it out for the software and product space while simultaneously jousting for position as makes of mobile and portable and entertainment devices.  Google has thrown people for a bit of a loop with driverless cars and a fleet of eight private jets that are no doubt involved in more than transporting management around to meetings.  Apple has really changed the face of smart phones, both from a platform perspective and from a device perspective.  There is talk of an Apple TV soon.  Google is already in the TV business.  Microsoft has been trying and failing at it for a while now.

Amid all of this, Dell is announcing that it is no longer a PC company.  Can I just say that I’m impressed that a company that started out as a dorm room computer building business has gone as far as it has… Contrast that with Apple, a company that is selling us all movies and music while delivering products that make us all want to chuck the PC that we have learned to live with for so long out the window.  Some even go so far to say that Apple is really an experience company, not a software or hardware company.

Then there is the fact that Apple is getting into the book publishing business and I feel like I am just getting started.  This is going to be an exciting decade.

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