Use NextGame and Check Into Recreational Opportunities

Back in September, the team from NextGame launched at the annual Social Matchbox Startup Launch event.  Their offering won the crowd over by offering something that was both practical and fun.  We all find ourselves looking for things to do and places to hang out after work and on the weekends which is exactly what the NextGame mobile app is all about.

The app accomplishes this by allowing users to search for and schedule pick up games for their favorite recreational sports.  You can also create private, invite only, games. The app’s search feature leverages your phone’s location based technology through a feature called ‘Scout’ which helps you find games and activities nearby.  In addition, you and your friends can share your whereabouts for the purpose of spontaneous activities.

Co-founders include: Andrew Chang, Shareef Tahboub, and Tareq Taboub.  The trio is based in Virginia.

Check them out and download their app HERE.

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