Now Is The Time To Be Looking For Co-Founders

If you have a startup idea and are looking for co-founders, technical or design or business or marketing or otherwise, now is the time to be looking for your co-founder.  I can’t quite put a finger on this trend yet, but let’s call it market turbulence.  There are a lot of companies that are going through changes because they are making more money now than they were a year ago and because they are seeing the potential for an exit based on recent trends.  This is pushing many of them to make key staffing decisions and prompting a lot of people to consider making job moves to go to work for these companies and to quit their jobs to start either consulting companies or startups.  What this means for you is that there are a lot of people who are in transition or who are considering their options right now.  This means that there is not a better time for you to be looking for co-founders.

So how do you look for a co-founder?  The best way is through friends and groups that you are already a part of.  If you look at successful co-founder teams you will find that they are often peers in an existing company like the guys at Living Social.  Other times, they are friends from school who were in a club together.  I have found that there are very few co-founder teams that happen spontaneously through meetup style events. The ones that do begin this way often do not last.  Part of the problem lies with the types of people who frequent meetups.  They are trendy or perhaps looking for something perpetually.  I’m not saying that this is always the case, it is not, but it is often the case.

If you don’t have someone with co-founder potential in your immediate network, don’t stress out over it.  This is not a show stopper and should not be one.  You should instead focus on figuring out what you can accomplish on your own.  If you have some money available, you can hire a freelancer to help.  If you don’t, you might be able to get some help on a sweat-equity basis.  More on that coming up in a future post.

4 Responses to “Now Is The Time To Be Looking For Co-Founders”

  1. Skaviani

    Hi, your right getting a co-founder is one of the best ways to get motivated, and afford to bootstrap your startup. I agree general networking MeetUps are a shot in the dark. Fortuneatley there are some free Meetups in the DC area to help find Co-founders with events every about 6 weeks. If you’re in another city follow them u00a0@cofounderslab:disqusu00a0or on facebook/cofounderslab as they announce more cities.u00a0nn

  2. Sterling1505

    Hey Bob, you are right on the mark. In fact, I’ve got the entrepreneurial itch starting and am looking for technical people in the same boat and looking to start a new venture. I can relate to your post in that I don’t have anyone in my immediate circle who is a candidate as a co-founder, so I’ve been going to a ton of Meetups to just network and stuff. So far, nothing fruitful (as you mention is likely). Anyway, keep the posts coming, I like hearing your insights into what’s going on in our area.


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