Baltimore’s First Co-Working Flash Mob

Today marked the evolution of the tweetup.  Until now, tweetups around the DC area have been pretty random.  You got a bunch of social media enthusiasts and maybe a few techies.  @CoworkCharles is an effort to change all that by announcing periodic co-working flash mobs along Charles street between downtown and the Johns Hopkins University Campus. 

Now, anyone in Baltimore who wants to co-work with other startup types should follow @CoworkCharles for real time updates on where the co-workers along Charles Street are.  The first rule of @CoworkCharles is that “there are no rules”.  The point is just to share the hot spot with people.  The best part is that people get a chance to get out and socialize with others who would otherwise be working without peers.  There also the added bonus that the effort supports local businesses along the Charles Street corridor of Baltimore. 

Now, anyone who wants some extra feedback or input on someting they are working on can call for an immediate Co-Working session at their nearby hot spot and get startup peers in the area to join them.

Here is a quick map of some of the top co-working spots with free wifi along Charles Street in Baltimore, MD.

4 Responses to “Baltimore’s First Co-Working Flash Mob”

  1. Bob

    It isn’t supposed to be a big crowd, it just started yesterday as the byproduct of two guys who were over caffeinated talking about the benefits of having others in their neighborhood who were also working on web startups.


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