Startup Launch Series Recap

Photo Credit: Travis Good / Presenter & CouplesSpark Co-Founder Kunmi Ayanbule

Last night, at the Spring 2010 Social Matchbox Launch Series event Ten early stage start-up companies presented to a 235 handpicked attendees representing the East Coast’s leading venture capital firms, angel investors, startup executives, software engineers, designers, startup industry professionals, and tech industry bloggers.  Co-Organizer Juliana Neelbauer told the packed house that “Social Matchbox sponsors, volunteers attendees are not only asking for a seat at the table of the startup community, but by supporting events like Social Matchbox, they are helping to build that table.”

Photo Credit: Travis Good / Presenter & Ringio Co-Founder & CEO, Sam Aparicio

Startup Founder, Serial Entrepreneur, Presenter (last night), and Co-founder of Replyz Matt Koll said that “A Social Matchbox event allows (his startup) Replyz to launch and build momentum for our product without having to go to Silicon Valley.”

The 10 early stage start-ups that launched at last night’s Social Matchbox Summer Startup Launch Series event were selected from a competitive pool of 65 nominees.  These included the top emerging companies in Mobile Applications, Energy Efficiency & Green Applications, Gaming, Web 2.0 Personal Publishing Applications, Online Collaboration, Government 2.0, Email Visualization & Productivity, Philanthropic Analytics and Human Capital Management.

Photo Credit: Travis Good / Pictured: Presenter Rob C. Masri, CEO, Cardagin Networks

The presenters* included:


HeliographSocial Matchbox Community Choice Award Winner
RingioSocial Matchbox Founders’ Award Winner
Starfish Retention Solutions
Cardagin Networks

Photo by Travis Good / Community Choice Award Voting

Two startups will took top honors including the Community Choice Award and the Founders’ Award.  The Community Choice Award was given to audience favorite, Heliograph Networks.  The Founders’ Award was given to Ringio, this award was based on a vote by a peer jury comprised of founders who were chosen to present at a past Social Matchbox events.

“Congratulations to Social Matchbox for bringing together such a talented group of technology professionals,” said Ringio Co-founder and CEO Sam Aparicio. “We are thrilled to be a part of this community and honored to be the recipient of the Founder’s Award.”

After presentations concluded, attendees enjoyed conversations and cocktails with their peers where sponsors including the leading area investors were also present.  Check out all of our sponsors to the right of this post.
Event partners include the American University Kogod School of Business, The University of Maryland MTech Startup Incubator, The University of Maryland’s Dingman Center, DCRUG (Ruby on Rails User Group), DC ACM (DC Association for Computing Machinery), and many others.

Photo Credit: Travis Good / Co-Organizer and Emcee, Juliana Neelbauer

Event Co-Organizer, Robert Neelbauer, when asked if he had heard about any event related success stories, said that “Social Matchbox alumni share all kinds of success stories with the organizers.  People have come to us days, weeks and months after the event to let us know that the conversation they had with someone really helped with their their business in a big way.  Partnerships, Funding Deals, New Hires, Board Member Appointments, and even new startups have come out of the event.  It is amazing what can happen when you put all the people needed to conceive a startup concept, build it, market it, and fund it in the same room.  Additionally, Social Matchbox presenter alumni have raised more than $100 million in venture capital.  The big talk at last nights event was Living Social, a Social Matchbox presenter alumni that just raised $14 million in new funding which brings them to the $44 million dollar level.  People are starting to make comparisons between AOL and Living Social.  ”

Photo Credit: Travis Good / Presenter & Replyz Co-Founder, Matt Koll

*Photo Credit Notes: All above photos were taken by Travis Good and circulated to J. Nicholas Tolson, Photography Manager for the event. The rest of the photos that Travis took at the even are located here.  Individual photos may or may not have be re-used elsewhere.  If you would like to use a photograph provided on this page please contact Travis.

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